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Ashly George: my experience with Japanese education


I got an opportunity to visit Japan from 4th march to 14th march of 2017. The experience i got from the program was worthy that I thought it would be good to share it with everyone. We were 8 students plus 1 teacher from rajagiri school of engineering and technology.

We went to Sojo university in kumamoto. Sojo university has different departments including computer science and information technology, mechanical, pharmacy, nanotechnology etc. We had an opening ceremony conducted by university where we got an idea of the working of college.


The college life in Japan is different than in India. Most of the people doesn’t know English it was a bit difficult for us. The tuition fees for the students from abroad is much higher but there are a lot of Japanese government scholarship available for us . The scholarship include tuition fee and for masters or internship we even get stiffen. They have more of value education. The teachers of the university are well qualified and all of them have some research works going on.

The things that I noticed about Japan is people are always helpful to each other, even if they don’t know the language they will try their best to help us. We get a lot more flavors of KitKat there which I haven’t seen in India. People are always concern about their health and most of them are allergic to pollen grain and started wearing mask. Japanese people are pet lovers. They walk a lot ,it was really difficult for us to catch the speed. The main thing to notice is punctuality and the cleanliness. They always maintain their time.

The main places to see in kumamoto is the Kumamoto castle. As the castle was under reconstruction we couldn’t go inside. We visited three companies . First one was sitateru which is a global garments company which connects customers directly to the company. Second one was redot, which is a visual effects studio. They do vfx for different commercials, movies, social welfare programs etc. They technologies that they were using was mind blowing. Third was kke , which was a construction company. They explained the working of company, different departments of company etc. To say about the work life in Japan, people do their best for the institution during the work days and during the weekend they enjoy their best.

The Sakura science program was a good experience for me. I could try a lot of Japanese foods and kimono. The culture of the people was amazing of how they respect each other. It was something we all could learn from them. I could walk around the streets even at midnight and no one will even give a look at me.



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