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Nicole Wilden from Berlin wins AFRC award for education 2017


Nicole Wilden, producer at Radijojo World Chiuldren`s Global Radio Network has been selected by the jury comprising children, media persons and representatives of AFRC, Leadership Village YLP and Peace Gong Kerala considering the inspirational role she played in getting children of Germany, Czech republic and Morocco connected with Indian children using online technology as a powerful media. Nicole, a true friend of the children of Kerala has created a niche in the educational scenario of the state with her involvement in building a bridge between India and Germany.

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By partnering with AFRC Nicole succeeded in organizing many workshops in Germany and other countries with the children in Kerala. Most of the online workshops and partner events focused on environmental issues and UN Sustainable Goals.


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Nicole introduced AFRC to the Global Green kids project of Radijojo.
‘Global Green Kids’ is a media based project on environment, nature and sustainability – funded by German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU) and the city of Berlin. ‘Global Green Kids’ was awarded by the German UNESCO-commission as UN-Decade project ‘Education for sustainable development’ 2013/2014.
Global Green Kids:
-connects children of all continents and ages, different cultures and social classes
-produces educational environment media by kids for kids for use in schools, youth centers and community radios
-enables children and local communities to own action for the environment, nature and sustainability

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-is cooperating with schools, NGOs and civil society media in Germany, Europe and all over the world
-is non-profit, ad-free and participatory
-is realized by Radijojo World Children’s Media Network,  which is awarded by UNICEF, UNESCO, UN Alliance of Civilizations, the federal government and the EU
-contributes to the implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals.


“Child of nature” is a major film project of which the children from Kerala and Bhopal played prominent roles, thanks to the initiative taken by Nicole in connecting with the director Mr. Marcos as well as with Enigma Films Brazil. The film  project is a global documentary film “Child of Nature” which will present amazing stories of children and youth with a surprising new vision for the planet. It’s about this new young generation that is taking on the responsibility of caring for the planet and its people. Kids and initiatives that can inspire and transform society.


Online education has been a long cherished dream of AFRC. We found Nicole as a solution. Her passion and commitment knows no boundaries. When during workshops connectivity fails Nicole goes to any extreme to make it happen. She even made overseas phone calls when Skype had technical issues. Nicole is a strong and determined lady, at the same time fun loving, caring and compassionate. Long live this friendship which made two countries closer for a bunch of children and teachers.



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