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Time to think beyond the pigment

Colour doesn`t matter, but separatism does.


When the color of the skin is  caused by melanin deposits, it is sad to note that there still exists an India dictated by the shades of color. India is yet to wake up from the colonial hangover, which gratefully we pocketed when the British left us. 

Any mention of separatism hurt, be it on color, race or culture. AFRC, an organisation built by students of a rural hill station in Kerala found certain remarks circulating in the media quite unfortunate and untimely. At a time when India sent more than 100 satellites safely into orbit, and made history by the Mars mission Chandrayan, as Indians we all need to come together and congratulate each other for creating a vibrant economy comprising multitude of different languages and states.

But sadly, the days have changed. Let us stretch our hands wider and open our hearts to new thoughts and progress. Let us not pave ways of narrow minded twisted thoughts to the next generation. Let us erase borders and build bridges of cooperation and collective progress. Colour doesn`t matter, but separatism does. Let us not.