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International workshop on UN Sustainable Development Goals: India- Germany

A report

Swapna Raju, AFRC India


H I M UP School at Kalpetta, Wayanad witnessed an important academic event on 15th February 2017. The day saw how children erased boundaries of two nations, two cultures with the helping hands of technology. Language played no spoil sport during the Skype interaction between the students of Wedding Primary School, Berlin and H I M UP School, Kerala. Spirited children from Muzhappilanangad LP School also joined the workshop by sharing questions, sending pictures and notes to Germany.


The international workshop was organised by Radijojo Gloabl Radio Networks, Germany, AFRC India and Peace Gong Kerala. Ms. Nicole Wilden represented Radijojo and Ms.Laila Saein and Mr.Anil Emage represented AFRC India. The school coordinators were Mr. Shyadish Kavil, Mr. Ali K Wayanad and Mr. Riyas Narikkuni.


The program was conducted at 3.30 PM on 15 – 2 – 2017. Invited students from 7th standard attended the online workshop. We were able to start the program at the correct time.  H I M UP School was recently upgraded as a High Tech school and the workshop made us of all technological facilities of the school. Teachers were very cooperative as they wished their children go hand in hand with technology and world views. As we are living in a a world guided by technology, this kind of events are very important to the students of Wayanad.


Being members of AFRC it was our duty t make the event a success. Mr. Jeffin and Mr. Navaneeth assisted me in the process. We reached the school early an give instructions to the teachers and students. We really didn`t want any obstacles to the program and tried our level best, when initially we faced some technical issues. The workshop was conducted at the school computer lab. We interacted with the children from Germany thorugh a Skype call.


The press was also invited to the program. Mr. Jinto rperesented Malyala Manorama and Mr. Nisam, Suprabhatham newspaper. Our children were ready to interact wiht the children from Germany.As it was their first experience the kids were a little bit nervous. But their curiosity and enthusiasm overcame their tension. Finally the workshop started at 3.30 and despite the initial confusion, the HIM UP School children interacted with the Wedding Primary children with enthusiasm.


The Wedding children asked different questions ranging from Weather to poverty. HIM Up kids asked about distribution of food, climate change and one smart boy even asked about Valentines Day ! Children sang songs to each other and they had great fun together. It was a magical moment to see children swaying for the tunes of different foreign languages. They proved that for emotional warmth language is not at all a hindrance.


The interaction lasted for an hour. Though the children wanted to continue the chat, however the time was limited. They exchanged all important questions and answers and bid good bye. Their cheers and clapping made the room very lively. It was a raer and lovelmy moment to see that.


The workshop underlined the need to exchange views and thoughts of children from different regions. This will help them to understand different issues, cultures, opinions and regional differences. Workshop like these will help children understand the relevance of Sustainable Develop Goals and the role of UN in strengthening nations and communities.



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