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Arshad Bathery inaugurates AFRC book festival


Kalpetta 25 June 2016

The festival of books come alive in Kalpetta with the arrival of the renowned Malayalam short story writer Arshad Bathery. Arshad Bathery received the copy of Maxim Gorky`s “My Apprenticeship and My Universities” at the function.

AFRC director Laila Saein said that books play a very important role in the cultural development of children and youth. The initiative of AFRC aims in instilling a sense of belonging to books among the public.

The event is part of the “Save, Share and Sell” movement of “WHL” World Heritage Literature project of AFRC. The book drive will value add to the AFRC campaign for a village university in Wayanad.


Internship diaries: AFRC book shop, and I looked into life…

Anna Daniel, AUW (Asian University for Women)


“I burned some books, because I believe in passing my younger generation something which is good and wise for them, not a as a destroyer.” (Kurian, AFRC Book House customer).

You should give others what you like; not what you do not like. Burning books to block the negative thoughts spreading can be a debatable topic. The negative or positive thoughts which you consider might not be the same for the other. However, the words of Kurian marked a deep thought inside me. Most of the time, we try to avoid the things which we do not like. We give our clothes to others which we do not like, or which we feel doesn’t suit us. While eating food we keep aside a dish which we do not like. We often pass something which we do not like, seldom do we pass something which we like or we love. I feel this point has something deep inside it for us to think, it has something deep to convey to us. This week I was assigned to record all the books and open a book shop for AFRC.


            Learning happens when we connect our knowledge and experiences in a field to another. Working as a library assistant in AUW (Asian University for Women) has helped me a lot in organizing the book shop. I was known how to catalog and keep recording of the books. I was quite familiar with publishers, authors, title and price of the books. For me the biggest challenge in this task was to beautifully organize a library in its limited space considering the fact that we have plenty of books. At the end I am happy that I was able to manage everything. I am grateful to all those helping hands which made it possible. It pleased my eyes, to see how beautiful it looks. Opening a book shop was really a great experience and learning. My eyes were opened for capturing new images and my mind was opened to let something new come in. 

            Skimming through the books, the child in me showed keen interest in the children’s section.  My first observation was with experiencing how beautifully are children’s books painted and written with all the art and colors; they are beautiful and live than the game and cartoon characters pictured on the screen. In books, images tell you the story, you can touch and feel it; at times you can create your own story for the images. And this is where we need to think twice before buying video games for our children. Second observation being a librarian was on carefully studying my customers. 

Don’t judge a man in lungi, bald head or grey hair; you never know the Master inside him. With my experience in staying in the book shop, I felt it was grandparents who were our awesome readers. In their first appearance they might look very old, uneducated; but believe me, they are not the kind what you might think of. The knowledge they have, the book collection they hold to, the experience they have; and at any time they are ready to share them with you. This is why wise people say do not judge a man with his appearance; you never know. This was a wow factor for me, because it was not the kind of customers I expect that I experienced!

While sitting in the library I saw many youngsters passing around, but seldom did anyone step into the book collection to just take a look on. Or maybe I could say that they didn’t notice the board written “AFRC book festival” they were too busy with their fingers typing.  This was highly disappointing. I agree the world is changing, everything is online, but still books and the stories in it own a respect which will never fade away. We always need to remember that we created these technology and we own them; never allow technology own us.



WHL Story Midnight Rose

Avani. C. S


It was midnight. The wind‘s howling sounded like wails. I was alone in the dark room of the castle. White shredded curtains and a shattered mirror added to the ghostly atmosphere. The door locked itself. I had a candle in my hand.

A few minutes passed in loneliness. At the blink of an eye a man in a black cloak with a blood-red rose in his hand appears before me. Frightened, I asked, “Who are you?” The man replied, “I am the ghost of the king who lived in this castle”.

I screamed and ran out of the room. The ghost didn’t follow me. I went to another room. This time there was a painting, a woman’s portrait. The room was cold but humid. The moon became red with black clouds. Below was the name.

It mentioned, Midnight Rose, 1610-1626. A short lived maiden. It had a beautiful maiden wearing a flower crown on her silky brown hair on it. For a moment there I thought the painting came to life. But it did. It talked to me in a sweet never-heard voice.

She said, “Please get me out of here”.

How could I deny such a sweet request? “But how?’’ I asked.

“Take my hand and come into this painting with me” she said as she stretched her hand. I held her hand and she pulled me in. I was surprised about getting inside a painting.

She gave me a map and explained, “We need to go to the fire trench of doom which is in the dragon ocean where the dragon king rules. We have to go there without being caught otherwise the dragons are going to eat us. In the trench we’ll find a maze and pass through without getting lost. At the end we’ll see a cup of crystal filled with magical water and then I have to drink it. If I do that I’ll be free from that curse of the king.

“King?” I asked.

“Yes the cruel, mysterious king of this now- haunted palace who slaughtered many. I was his maid. One day as I was bringing him his drink, I tripped and the drink fell on him. Then as punishment he even tried to kill me and I was cursed into this painting when I became a ghost and he spread the rumour that I died falling off a cliff. He was a cruel magician king. Would you please help me young friend?” She asked me. I agreed and we both set off on the quest for the magical water.

It was a five day journey and we hoped no foes would show up.

The first day was quite safe except night time. We had to go to a forest with magical beasts and wild monsters. We were almost discovered by one of them. We went a long way to an enchanted lake where the enchantress rules. We took shelter there for the night.

The kind enchantress said, ’Dear maidens, you may spend the night on our tree with the tame fireflies. You say you are going to the great fire trench of doom. It is a dangerous journey. We showed our gratitude by giving her all our honey and fruits and she gave us a magical stone pendant in return. I wore it and we set off again. We reached a lake and as the enchantress explained, I took of the pendant, chanted a spell and dropped it into the water. Rose didn’t know about what the pendant does or the consequences of using it.

The water turned dark and I took a step closer. To my horror, I slipped and fell in. The mystical water made my body heavy and that’s all I remember.

I woke up a little later and saw Rose leaning over me, all soaked. “What did you do up there?! The water sucked you in.” She said “I jumped to get you back and here we are in an underwater crystal cave.”

“You mean, it sucked you in too?”I said and she nodded. “Don’t worry we’re in the dragon ocean and I’m guessing that’s the fire trench.”I pointed to the other end of the cave.

Rose looked too and her face brightened up.

We went inside. So far, so good. We sneaked in through a bunch of sleeping dragons who scared our hearts out. To my surprise, we got the magical water and we both drank it.

Since time doesn’t move in a painting, she returned with me to the real world as a pretty young lady. She started living with me and we moved to the plains where we lived in a cute little cottage surrounded by trees and bushes and animals visiting us every morning. We have a peaceful life without some King and his curse.

“I wonder what happened to him”


The End


Internship diaries: AFRC Life changing institute!

Roshni P Nair Kendriya Vidyalaya class X

Academic Forum for Research and Communication ,known as AFRC is an institution to develop the future India.It will develop the country in it’s at most top  level in all section of development.

I joined the institution on 6th May 2016,which I consider as a life changing day. At first when I came here I was very much scared to talk with new people who come up in my life. Before coming to this institution I was very weak in my grammar, communication/interaction and many small qualities. But after coming to AFRC I could improve  very much in all this. Here ,at first day itself I  could learn many things .They teaches us from the basic or we can say that they will lay a good foundation to all students who come here. Here we have a well trained two teachers ,Anil Sir and Laila Madam and many other teachers also.

They taught us many things and cared us well. They not only teach just language but they teach us many other character or qualities ,that will make our life perfect. They started to teach tenses in grammar  and they slowly started to teach us the  other sections of communication that will definitely make a child fearless and even confident. I found that I was now becoming a child without any fear in public speaking and I was also developing leadership quality.

I came here because I was weak in English grammar . So I told my mother that I want to attend a spoken English class so my mother started to search for an institution to teach English . Then she found this institution and from the next day itself I started to come here.

Earlier I had a negative approach to English language but now I have a positive approach to this language.

After attending the class for 13 days Anil Sir gave me an opportunity to do my internship. On hearing this I was really shocked and excited also. Then when I took the class for the students I found that teaching is not just to teach the student but I found that it was also a way of learning.

I found my talents or potential only from AFRC .Now I know what my talents are.

After getting this class I really feel like thanking my parents who took me to this life changing institution.


Internship diaries: and those books smelt crayons and milk chocolate

Anna Daniel Asian University For Women, Bangladesh


Today I woke up, not turning off my alarm at 6:45 am. 16th June morning is the day I realized the lazy afternoon bird in me has to rise early to catch her bus to the world of new experiences.

It was on 15th June I met Anil sir. We had a great talk on different projects; at the end I was welcomed to the enthusiastic AFRC family. My internship begins here. Right at this point the internship is truly giving me a taste of learning. I am a book lover, with that said it doesn’t mean I have good knowledge about books; I am just experimenting the literature world.


One of the projects I am working with at AFRC is in building a World Heritage Literature Centre. In regard of this project we collect USSR published books from different regions and classify them accordingly. At the first, when Anil sir introduced me to the USSR publications and the books, I absolutely had no idea about the value of these books and its area of expertise. I later researched about Soviet Union and its publications to know more about them. I was jaw dropped noticing the number of enthusiastic people, working behind these books and in research since years.


Later then I realized, now I am also a part of this treasure hunting! Today, sitting in the office room in the freely opened library surrounded with books, I use the tactic Anil sir, taught me on my first day to sort the USSR books out the shelf. It is same as like you spot your favorite dish with its smell.  Now I can recognize USSR books with its fragrance. For Anil sir, it is the smell of milk chocolates; for me it is the smell crayons painted in my childhood memories.I am enjoying my internship and I am working with a good team.