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Student diaries and scribblings


Hi Its me Jabira!!

Hai Friends,

Iam Jabira Thasnim P.Today  I reached AFRC .Today’s our  first work is diary  for our blog ,

.I don’t know what to say ,I just  don’t like to leave here.After  my 10th  I joyed AFRC.Roshan was interviewed me at first.When  I come here I were very afraid.And  so many men here.Besides I am the only girl their.But  Laila  Mom  come to me  and taught self introduction.That was the first class in AFRC.Honestly I really enjoyed well.

When I come here Ithought that this institute will be like school, just studies, blames,beates,ext.But such  a change  I were  wrong about that.This institute  has  a lot of  different  from  school and other    institution.I enjoyed the  system.I like it. I think  in this short time AFRC make a big change in life.Always  Anil sir Laila Mom told  us  you are the  BACKBENCHER.Atlast  I realised that I am  the  BACKBENCHER in the world.

Actually our sentoff is over ,we have already  wind up  our classes.But I am so connected to this place.So I don’t want to go.  I just  want to stay  here.

Harsha speaks

Hai friends,

Iam Harsha.Today I reached AFRC .My first work is diary making for our blog.

I came AFRC in a hot and beautiful morning. When I saw Anil sir I felt that he is a strict person and he speak everything in English .But when I heard Anil sir’s class I understood that my thoughts   were wrong.He is strict but gentle .He is a great teacher I ever seen. He is a big  example for an ideal teacher.AFRC is not a school it is a training center . Here we get the training to live. They teach us  how to live in this world. They help us to become something more. Here we can study human values. I don’t want to leave here

Sahad`s life in AFRC

I am muhammed sahad .A .Today I reached AFRC.  Today’s   our first work is diary making for biog .

After completing my +2 I joined AFRC.AFRC is a good institution .My first day’s class very interesting .I got a lot of friends .so many childrens are studying here .AFRC’s education system is totally different from schools .In  AFRC ,students have the freedom .In every moment  I  got wonderful experience from AFRC.I become able to argue more knowledge .they conduct somany  travels .AFRC  Is not a place for study the grammer  of English it is a place to study about life and human values .Personally  I am very connectedn’t want to leave her with my teachers Anil sir and Lila mam .So I don’t want to leave here.


Peace Gong exposure visit to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya


Peace Gong Coordinatorp2

On 16th June 2015, a group of 30 bureau members of Peace Gong Kerala from AFRC (Academic Forum for Research and Communication) along with the trainers Anil Emage and Laila Saein reached Jawahar Navodaya School , Lakkidi at 11.30am. The school is adorned by a well maintained garden. The school is embraced by so many small hills and jungles. We visited the school campus. We saw the precision farming in the school. The students are maintaining it. It was a calm and cool place.

After that we were invited to the smart class .On the way to the smart class we saw some articles, inspiring information and different pictures framed in the wall. All these are the works of the students those who are studying there. We reached the smart class .The Principal MS. Shanti welcomed us to the school.

At first she talked about the educational culture in western countries and India. She said that in India the children study with the earning of their parents but in Western countries they do part time work for their studies. At the early age they work and earn money. They do not depend their parents to meet their day today expense. But in India the things are totally different; students take loans for their study and the parents feed their children till their marriage.  This culture must be changed and every child should be self sufficient. Another problem she mentioned was the parents think our children would become a doctor or engineer. So doing part time work is shame for their status. She gave an example of a person for this who went to Thailand. It was the time of apple picking. He worked there for 3 to4 months and he earns money. With that money he travelled the country. In India it is not possible because of their social stigma associated with small time works.


The second thing she mentioned was we need to lead our life according to our choice and pace. We have to learn to analyse the situation and see the things around. Before we select our career we have to

  • analyze the possibilities of that particular carrier
  • what are the skills we have possessed
  • evaluate our positives, negatives, strong points, weak points etc
  • Make sure about the competencies.

Also she told that we have to understand that the inner conscience is always watching us and God is also watching us .So we have to keep  values in our life. We have to refine our mind every day and slowly eradicate our bad things.

She also described that the ultimate aim of the human being is that to keep our dignity and live as a better human being. For this first of all we have to self analyse our ability and very clearly focus on our career. There are many opportunities and we have to ask ourselves what job we have to take up?

And we have to trust  ourselves and win the goodwill of the people by our talents.

She also mentioned some human values that we have to keep in our life. We have to keep honesty, caring other people, learning good things and never blame our parents for not giving us a rich life. We cannot change our parents but we have to change our self. So we can uplift our family through education. For this we have to strive in life and struggle for the life. Also she said that there is no short cut for everything some ladder for success. So you plan for everything.

She concluded her class by a short message that every individual is unique. So we have some abilities, doesn’t show case it; we have to project it and use the opportunities.


After the session, Peace Gong national core group member Anil Emage and Laila Saein handed over the Peace Gong wall magazine to the school library. Ms.Jabira, the newly elected bureau chief of Peace Gong Kerala handed over the new issues to Ms. Shanti. After our lunch, we visited the Veterinary University and farm house. At 3.30Pm we came back to home.