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AFRC in ECAS by Avani, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation ECAS member

Slide4        IN the ECAS (Evry Child is A Scientist)  camp held at MS Swaminathan research  foundation different teachers were invited for three to four days and one time AFRC’s Anil Emage Sir and Laila Saein ma’am were invited to train the students. It wasn’t like a class at all. It was a whole lot different from school. Everyone may have thought that since it was an English class, it would be boring. But it turned out to be an over-all personality developing and confidence creating interacting session. It was a whole new world to learning and a new and better version.

Slide1 This new experience made children say that their confidence in English has greatly expanded. They understand it better now. Of course everyone has their mistakes, but it has certainly improved. Different from school, the children learnt English, which was a somewhat boring subject at school in a whole new interesting way. Especially tenses which was something no one understands at school, but it was taught there in an interesting way, so much better. They held a video conference with German kids.


We asked many questions and they asked us questions too. They also conducted the back benchers’ conference. It was like a home.