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Aditi Iyer, singer bags AFRC Art for Education award

Dr Rajitha, BackBenchers conference program coordinator reports

MSSRF Wayanad April 24


It was the unanimous decision of the Jury comprising of AFRC partner organisations, AFRC Alumni Association executive members and members of the Peace Gong Kerala Bureau to award the Art for Education recognition, which is of a first of its kind from AFRC, to Aditi Iyer. The jury chairman Mr Shameer Machingal, Mathurbhumi Television, in  an interview with the Peace Gong Kerala remarked that Aditi Iyer`s talent and dedication for music astounded the entire jury and the selection process was over in jut ten minutes.10690348_568136446623089_3548713719951487541_n

“We found Aditi to be unique in many ways. At her age, to reach at this level of perfection speaks volumes on the kind of effort Aditi and her family put in. It`s unbelievable! We wish her all the very best for her future career. AFRC Art for Education Award is just one of those small beginnings for Aditi on her way to reach global recognition. We congratulate her.” Mr. Machingal said.


Miss ramsheena, Peace Gong chief editor 2014 – 15 shares the inspirational story of Aditi Iyer during the BBc


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