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Meet the leaders, Ringsat Narzary

Name: Ringsat Narzary


I am pursuing my Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tezpur University. I have a keen interest in working towards the upliftment of the society.  Since my College days I was part of Better Environment team where we create awareness among the people for keeping environment clean and safe.


I have been also part of a college teaching team, where I taught small children’s in the school for seven days. I have been also part of Swatch Bharat Team, Kokrajhar.  I had work on livelihood development and upliftment of Internally Displaced People in Kokrajhar District.3

I have been part of 5th June Environment Day 2014, Gossaigaon, more than thousand of trees were planted.  I have made a radio talk show on Women Empowerment and for the future development of Women. I am also a member of Wayanad BBC Tezpur University Support Group.



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