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Meet the leaders, Toralii Gohain

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Social Work simply means to do something with an intention of bringing in overall societal development, which will give people a better life and a happy world to live in. I, Miss Toralii Gohain, pursuing my Masters degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tezpur Central University, Assam. I am born and brought-up in Guwahati, Assam.

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I feel happy and honoured to be an active member of the Tezpur Central University Support Group (2015) of the BeckBenchers Conference (BBC), Wayanad. To speak about social work, at present we can see many organisations both governmental and non-governmental working together with the same perspectives but in different areas and scenarios.

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With an eye to contribute towards the social development, I actively worked for Help Age India which is one of the leading NGO of India that cares for the senior citizens who are ignored and avoided by their family members. I with my family also fed the orphans of Snehabandhan, Guwahati on 15th of February, 2014 and spend a day with the little kids.


I with my classmates also spend my time with the kids and the elderly women’s of Missionaries of Charity, contributing a day’s meal for them and also gave the kids small gifts, books, play items etc. the day was very special as it made me come closer to the world they are living in and also the elderly women’s who are left alone by their sons and daughters just because they are too busy to take up their responsibility. I am also a member of Jeevan Initiative (NGO), Tezpur University Chapter. To count these activities as contributions of social work is very small but I will surely play an active part towards any kind of social development with time.


Music is life, says Aditi Iyer

Meet Aditi Iyer

Her resonant, soul stirring voice doesn’t fit to the frame of a nine year old. Her words and vision for music goes way beyond what you could expect from a little, wide eyed lass. Those who sang and played for the Bobby McFerrin song with Aditi had already established a forte in the world of notes and strings.Among them, Aditi was the only one who represented the effervescent voice of childhood. A promise you could bank on for the future.AditExcerpts from an interview published by

Q: Instead of adapting to the loud noise of music produced by the present generation, you sing songs of the legends. What stirs the nine year old to look back in time?

Aditi Iyer: I like some songs being sung now-a-days, but sadly, a lot of electronics are being used. I feel that is like cheating. I like solid pure music of legendary singers; it was all pure voice.

Q: What made you think that you wanted to pursue a career in music? Your inspirations?

AI: Since my birth, English has been the first language and I have loved classical and contemporary Western songs, listening to them since I was a few months old. I have been learning and teaching myself many contemporary songs for the last five years, and am hugely inspired by Celine Dion and Michael Jackson. I think I inspire myself because music is all I know and understand.

Q:Who are your favorite singers, and why?

My inspirations are Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Sarah Brightman and Andrea Boccelli. They are my role models in every sense, they have beautiful voices and have lived their entire life for and with music, and they have never forgotten their purpose of life. My biggest icon is Celine Dion, I adore her in every way.

Q: Singers like Lionel Richie, MJ, Stevie Wonder and Tracy Chapman wrote their own songs, and many create music to their songs too. Do you have any such plans for the future?

Yes, as a singer – songwriter. I have some favorite topics such as anti-bullying, saving Earth, not littering and being fair and kind. I would like to write songs on them.

Q: Have you done a solo album, or are you in the process?

I have released an original song and about to record and release another original song. `Every flower precious’ was recorded in the studio. It was composed and written by a South Korean composer and writer. The project I am working on now is in collaboration with musicians from the US.

Q: Among contemporary Indian Western singers who do you look up to?

I adore Leslie Lewis a lot and had the fortune of meeting with him. He’s a wonderful person and great musician.

Q: How do you feel about the present generation`s interest in music? Do grownups or the young enjoy your singing more?

I am personally not sure about that, I think the grownups like my music more but my official YouTube Channel should tell us that.

Q: Where would you and in front of whom would you like to perform in your wildest fantasies?

I have a feeling I am in a crowd and I should do my best, I am on the verge of becoming a great superstar and I have to do my best, that’s when I get this feeling and I do my best.

My vision is I am on this stage, a big stage where superstars are and I am going to win this and be the best. I feel very motivated as music is not just my love but my life.


Aditi Iyer, singer bags AFRC Art for Education award

Dr Rajitha, BackBenchers conference program coordinator reports

MSSRF Wayanad April 24


It was the unanimous decision of the Jury comprising of AFRC partner organisations, AFRC Alumni Association executive members and members of the Peace Gong Kerala Bureau to award the Art for Education recognition, which is of a first of its kind from AFRC, to Aditi Iyer. The jury chairman Mr Shameer Machingal, Mathurbhumi Television, in  an interview with the Peace Gong Kerala remarked that Aditi Iyer`s talent and dedication for music astounded the entire jury and the selection process was over in jut ten minutes.10690348_568136446623089_3548713719951487541_n

“We found Aditi to be unique in many ways. At her age, to reach at this level of perfection speaks volumes on the kind of effort Aditi and her family put in. It`s unbelievable! We wish her all the very best for her future career. AFRC Art for Education Award is just one of those small beginnings for Aditi on her way to reach global recognition. We congratulate her.” Mr. Machingal said.


Miss ramsheena, Peace Gong chief editor 2014 – 15 shares the inspirational story of Aditi Iyer during the BBc

Meet the leaders, Ringsat Narzary

Name: Ringsat Narzary


I am pursuing my Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tezpur University. I have a keen interest in working towards the upliftment of the society.  Since my College days I was part of Better Environment team where we create awareness among the people for keeping environment clean and safe.


I have been also part of a college teaching team, where I taught small children’s in the school for seven days. I have been also part of Swatch Bharat Team, Kokrajhar.  I had work on livelihood development and upliftment of Internally Displaced People in Kokrajhar District.3

I have been part of 5th June Environment Day 2014, Gossaigaon, more than thousand of trees were planted.  I have made a radio talk show on Women Empowerment and for the future development of Women. I am also a member of Wayanad BBC Tezpur University Support Group.


A journey of life… Shivam Ayengia


Standing on a crossroad that divides into two roads…

Looking far as I could…

One was straight and known…

But the other have turns and twists.

Thought that first one will be easy…

But saw some prints over the second…

Knowing that it can’t be rewind, I chose the second…

It was a journey of life…

The road was full of stones and manholes,

Who tried to stop me…

But angels lend me their hands…

How many times I felt, I got up…

And at end, becoming a better person, looked back and smiled at the road…

Moving forward…

Got what I expected…

It was really a journey of life…

Moral: We have to create our own destiny…
And if the faith is true… God will make sure that you reach your desired destiny…

AFRC Inspirational Leader 2015 is Shivam Ayengia

Shivam award

Shivam is the only son of Mr. N. Ayengia and Mrs. Alpana Ayengia. After few days of his birth, he was attacked by Jaundice. Only because of doctor’s negligence Shivam became a physically handicapped person and this is due to a condition, called C.P. (Cerebral Palsy).

We have published Shivam`s story in on of the previous posts. It was the unanimous decision of the Juri which comprised of AFRC and Peace Gong Kerala officials as well as representatives from social development organisations and media persons.

Shivam will receive the award in a special function to be organised in Assam. As a gesture of appreciating Shivam“s contribution to uplift the spirit of the differently able, AFRC will award a scholarship to a student from Wayanad which will enable him/her to study under AFRC and partner organisations free of cost, which also includes study materials and stipend to support him/her to travel to AFRC or to the places of education arranged by AFRC.

AFRC takes this opportunity to thank and congratulate Miss. Jurismita Puzari, Final Year PG Mass Communication student, Tezpur University for taking sincere efforts to highlight the story of Shivam, which is nothing but inspirational.

This is my story- Shivam


Hi, I am Shivam and this is my story.

I am the only son of Mr. N.Ayengia and Mrs. AlpanaAyengia. After few days of my birth, I was attacked by Jaundice. Only because of doctor’s negligence I am now a physically handicapped person and this is due to a condition, called C.P. (Cerebral Palsy).

Since childhood days, I am doing physiotherapy. In those days, I was attending a special school, Shishu Sharathi where I was trained to overcome my disabilities. Here I learned to manage myself and fight my disabilities. The teachers were very loving and caring. My parents left no stone unturned to cure me. They’re the best parents in the world. I also worked hard with my parents and my physiotherapists. Then I met the best physiotherapist in the world, Dr.Vinit Kumar. He is also my best friend, philosopher and guide. I started walking in 9 years. Can you imagine? Till date I am doing physiotherapy which is the only medicine for me.And then I met a person, Mr.Diganta Das, who inspired me very much and I am now the brand ambassador of DPRC (Diganta’s Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre).

 After I joined Maria’s Public School I met some best teachers of the world who tolerated me and helped a lot in my studies. They always lend me a helping hand. Even the staffs of my school are very generous and caring towards me. I am always grateful to them. Some of my very good friends, Namrata, Anuraag, Vinayak,  Debamalaya, and Abhishek always stood there beside me. I have studied till Class IX there and in fact all the fellow students of my class helped me a lot. Without them it would have been impossible for me to move forward.I also have a friend, Priyanka, who came forward and made friendship with me.

I have a very supportive family, including my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. I have a cute little sister, Jahnabi who helps and loves me very much. My younger uncle is always a source of inspiration for me. He always helps me to face the reality of life.

When people underestimate me due to my disabilities, I feel very sad and angry. Our society is still not aware of people like us and our capabilities. People often mistaken me for a mentally dull boy due to my physical conditions, but I am just the same as any other normal boy. There should be much more awareness programs in our society for us. Some parents do not like their children helping the special children. Then how can they expect to take care of them when they attain old age, if those children were not taught to take care of the needy people.

I was introduced to the computer for the first time by my elder uncle, for which I am always grateful to him. The computer opened the enchanted world for my life, without which I don’t know what I would have done today. Since then, I am using the computer and I am now an expert in most of the computer applications.  I even appear for my entire exams on computer as I find difficulty in writing. I aspire to become a good computer engineer and scientist when I grow up. I am always inspired by the great scientist, Mr. Stephen Hawkins.

My parents always encouraged me in everything I do. They always raise their voice for me. They gave me a lot of exposure. Though they take a lot of care for me but they never differentiate me with my sister. In my free time, I like to listen to music, play videogames, watch movies and write poems, songs, quotes and story. My interest in music grew at a very young age as I was inspired by my grandfather who is a singer and composer himself. My interest in music grew stronger when I was gifted a MP3 player on my birthday.I like to listen to punk rock, pop punk, pop rock and soft rock music, I like to play the keyboard in my free time though I am not a master in it.

 It SHOULD BE REMEMBERED THAT-  aperson may be disabled in one field…………… BUT may be specially abled than many others……in many other fields………..